AUCTION WEB DESIGN PROGRAM” is a complete solution for an online Auction Platform. Anyone can register and enlist their product for auction for basic or featured fee. User can buy product by bid or direct buy option. Admin will get profit from the basic and featured fee as well as from the withdraw percentage. Everything is dynamic and can setup from admin panel. This CMS Includes almost everything you need to manage an online auction platform and fully responsive for any device. Admin can manage complete website without single stress. The program has strong SQL injection protection system which will keep away this system from hackers.

Admin Features

  • Dashboard statistics.
  • User Details Check.
  • User Ban System.
  • New Auction Creation.
  • Existing Auctions Edit/Open/Close/View System.
  • Withdraw Request Detail Check.
  • Withdraw Request Accept or Reject Option.
  • Slider Setting Option.
  • Slider Content Position Setting.
  • Service Adding System.
  • Portfolio Adding System.
  • Testimonial Adding System.
  • Page Setting Option with Enable and Disable Feature
  • Social Media Setting.
  • Google Analytics Script Setting.
  • Website Meta Keyword Setting.
  • Logo Setting.
  • Favicon Setting.
  • Background Image Setting.
  • Website Title Setting.
  • Payment Information Setting.
  • Basic and Featured Fee Setting.
  • Withdraw Percentage Setting.
  • Footer Area Content Settings.
  • Subscribers Emails Export System.
  • and much more…

User Features

  • Dashboard statistics.
  • User Registration System.
  • New Auction Listing System.
  • Basic and Featured Auction Listing System.
  • Auction Edit/Delete System.
  • Payment Withdraw System.
  • Account Details Update Option.
  • Password Change System.
  • Password Recovery System.
  • and much more…

Deposit Options

  • Credit Card (Stripe).

Withdraw Options


Cost: 12000

Duration: 02 weeks

The price includes responsive web design, free 01 month hosting, free 12 months domain registration and free submission to Google.

Hosting fee from R150 every 03 months

Check one of our clients: EARTH AUCTION

Download Auction Web Design Program in PDF format