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MLM Help Plan in South Africa

Custom Help Plan is amongst the latest concept of MLM Industry. This Plan can be introduce in the market with low investment and huge returns. Custom Help Plan used to call as Donation Plan, Bucket Plan, Gift Plan and few other general names.

The idea or the concept of this plan is when you donate some funds for the other members you can directly get yourself selected for the funds or amount as well. To manage all this transaction you need to have a Custom Help Plan Software. This software can support you in different level of formats.

Custom Help Plan is a new concept in the network marketing world. This plan also known as MLM Donation Plan or MLM Gift Plan. In this Custom Help Plan concept a person get advantage by making Help to others. According to this Custom Help Plan, a person gets advantage by making Help to others. It simple to say that "This is a give and take concept". First you have to give or donate, later you will be able to take Help from others.

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How to manage your Custom Help Plan with our software

Having a Custom Help Plan software is must when it comes to manage your business online. Our Custom help plan software comes up with a concept of support and promotion at the same time. There are numerous amounts of features like Payment transactions, Multi Language and multi currency, E-wallet, E-pin and many others.


Where can I buy MLM Help Plan?


Frequently asked questions:

Where can I buy Custom help plan?

Where can you buy Custom help plan?

Where to buy Custom help plan?

Where to find Custom help plan?

Who sells Custom help plan?

Who sells the cheapest Custom help plan?

The answer to all the questions is one (Daniel Web Builders & Marketing +27763847379)

Free demo of Custom Help Plan Software

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Our MLM Software services come up with free a live demo like for Custom Help plan software as well. You can schedule you free demo as per comfort time zone and one of our tech support member will be there to guide you and clear all your query just at the time you need.

MLM Software is a Product and Customized Software Solution for Handling Various Activities of MLM Company like Member Registration, Member Make Paid, Member Product Package / Delivery, GUI Base Genealogy-Tree with respect to MLM Plan, MLM Plan Calculation, Cheque Printing, Custom Report, Payout Report and more.

MLM Software Developer Gives You 100% Calculation Accuracy MLM Help Donation Gift Plan Software and provides you best MLM Software with best service and 24*7 support world wide.

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View our Demo  ( username: company and password: daniel ), contact Us to get the Admin logging details



 Key Features Of Custom Help Plan Software:

  • Domain with Privacy Protection
  • USA / UK Base Windows Web server
  • Multiple Commitment Amount
  • Virtual Gain
  • Send Help Auto or Manual
  • Help History
  • Received Help Details
  • Sent Help Details
  • Pending Help Details
  • One to Many and Many to One Request Help Amount Manage
  • Rejected Help and Re-Assign Rejected Help
  • Bank Receipt upload facility
  • well-featured, secure and time-saving
  • bug-free and non-erroneous MLM software


Custom Help Plan Software


The Custom help Plan in MLM industry also called gift plan or help arrangement which is broadly acknowledged by different MLM organizations at International level. The networkers and MLM pioneers who joined help arrangement and obviously the organization who dealing with every one of the exchanges procuring tremendous benefit in brief time.

For the most part, the Custom Help Plan is idea in view of give and take idea in which a networker who give a solitary help to a networker and get numerous assistance from others. The Custom Help Plan in S.A proclaimed unlawful and known as IRS evasion yet a few nations permit such MLM Donation Plan or MLM Gift Plan.

Daniel Web Builders & Marketing has group of specialists and is competent to create and outline such blessing arrangement for the Multi-Level Marketing Companies who give their legitimate assent in their separate nation. There are different components in the product in which assist exchange with reportsing, auto or manual settings, receipt transferring element and so on.

The donation plan also known as Custom help plan or gift plan or money order or bucket plan in MLM industry. Donation plans are running various International MLM companies and their MLM networkers, MLM leaders and no doubt the company which managing all the transactions, earning the huge profit in a very short period of time.

Basically, this Custom help plan is a concept of give single and got multiple i.e. if you provide a single help to a member, you got multiple help from others. Donation plans are illegal in World wide. However, some countries Government allow such donation or help plans.

This plan is actually not a Multi Level Marketing Plan. Its Basic concept is to send gift to one Member and Receive gift from multiple Members. So member will be benefited with multiple receipt of gift from many members. Members will deposit money or gift directly to another Member as per the name highlighted by the system. Company / Admin will take some charge to run this operation for administrative expensive. Company can distribute some amount from the activation / registration charges. This Plan can be of multiple levels.

DNB MLM Software expert team is capable to design and develop MLM Software for such help plans for the MLM Companies who provides their legal consent in their respected country.

Custom help Plan Software will have below features:

  • Online registration to Provide Help and Receive Help
  • Different payment methods like Bank Deposit, PayPal, Perfect Money or Bitcoin etc
  • Payment proof upload option
  • Member to view and approve payments to get more help
  • Auto or manual help allocation settings
  • Help transaction history
  • Receipt generation facility
  • Extend more time for particular help
  • Internal messaging system to solve conflicts

Our Custom help Plan Software has time tested and there are many large help plan concepts that are developed by our company.

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