NB: our project is to recruit 1 marketer per Geo - targeted marketing area.

This program is international and many talented people benefit from it, you too you can start, only use your mouth and internet, earn money smartly!

You can market our services and earn much money. It is easy:

Basic monthly salary: provided (This is for recruited marketers after being successful)


Sales commission: From R1000 and plus per Month (this is for everybody).

This job opportunity (Marketers) is classified in the affiliate program of the company.
If you can really market independently our products, please, start now  by clicking on this link

But if you want to be a professional Marketer in your life and work for Daniel Web-Builders and Marketing cc (D.W.B.M) even for yourself, please, note how we are going to recruit you.
1-      Send your CV to marketers@danielwebbuilders.com
Your CV will carefully be checked and we will send you the application form. You can download it by visiting this link https://danielwebbuilders.com/job-opportunities/become-a-marketing-agent/

If you have experience in computer literacy and internet this will advantage you. Receive free proven marketing courses once the application has been signed and START MARKETING! The application form gives you the right to benefit sales commissions each and every time you sell, even just referring a client will make you earn commissions as soon as the client pays, we can follow up on your behalf.
2-The training module
We have to make sure if you can really market our products should you need our official appointment note.
Below find the outline of the module.
Course description

1.      Understanding DWBM products.
1.1     – Web Design
1.2     – Website Courses
1.3     – Domain Name Registration
1.4     – Website Hosting
1.5     – Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Email Marketing, Pay Per Click

2.      Definition of Marketing in General

3.      Types of Marketing

4.      Marketing Tools

5.      Marketing Tactics

6.      Market Target
6.1- Internet Services
6.2- Company Directory
6.3 –Government Institution
6.4 –Individual

7.      How to fix your price

8.      Copyright
8.1     – Show the way
Commissions (minimum sales commission per month R1000, plus basic salary)

8.2     – Do it for my Client
Commissions (minimum R3000 (400$) for individuals; R10,000 ( 1333) for a company)

9.      Becoming a Web Master or Make your own Business “

To send this module to you via email, you need to contact us. The module is for free.

Once you have the module, we can assist you online or via email if you
need any details to better understand the module.

3-      Testing your skill
After studying the module, an online test will be organized ( via Yahoo messenger, Skype or Google talk or through our online chat tool).
We hope that you will be successful before we can deliver an authorization note to you.

Note: this does not block you from marketing our products since the application form has been signed.