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Website Content of a Marketing Website

A website can be a great tool in promoting a company and its services. Consequently, most websites are designed as promotional tools for their owners.

Marketing companies can further use it as a working tool, and also as a connection platform. The reach of the Internet being global, with no frontiers and practically no limits, exposure on the Web might imply exposure to the whole world. This then proves to be a marvelous tool for a company which wants to broaden its horizons and 'playing field'.

A marketing website is usually a platform where a marketing company advertises its services. Consequently, the website content would revolve around the company's offerings, services, and products.

The most important of website content is probably the home page, which is the first thing the client will see. Since it works with the same principle of first impressions, a good first impression about website content entices a viewer to further browse the site and look around. Consequently, website content has to be devised with a specific strategy and image in mind. Graphics, color, font, language; all this will provide an impression of the company and its corporate culture and identity.

The services offered by the company are another prime aspect of website content. It should not be forgotten that exposure of these services is the main aim of the site. The content should provide accurate and concise descriptions of the offered services. Many marketing websites use this feature to further their main offering. It is not uncommon to find articles, how-tos and other marketing advice on websites. Marketing tools, supported by tips and advice, might also be advertised.

It should however not be forgotten that website content actually refers to what is on the pages. It will do a company no good if what it has on its webpage is content-accurate, but not user-friendly. Content also refers to easy readability, easy navigation and access, uncluttered text areas, appropriate and balanced use of text and graphics. Content should also be updated or given a boost every so often, so that it does not become 'stale, which might then deter a viewer from it.

Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization of a Marketing Website

Search engine optimization refers to making a website more accessible and prominent when anyone is making a search on an Internet search engine. The aim is to make the said page rank higher in the results garnered by the search engine, and thus increase traffic and hits on the page.

Search engine optimization saw its emergence in the early nineties, when cataloguing of the then early Internet was being done. However, with the increasing size and span of the Net, these have had to radically change their scientific, technical, and highly detail oriented approach to broader and more user-friendly techniques. The emergence of popular search engines like Google further enhanced the 'revolution' that was taking place in the sector.

Nowadays, most search engine optimization specialists have reached a consensus where they agree on what top signals are relevant in influencing a page's rankings. These signals include the use of keywords in the title tag, the use of keywords in links pointing to that page, the sprinkling of keywords appearing in the whole visible text of the page, as well as the link popularity of the webpage.

For many years, the search engine optimization field has been a battleground of lawful and other unlawful attempts by webmasters and other page creators to make it to the top rankings of a search engine result page. Though this aspect is still visible today, it has however been confined to a rather small percentage of the sector. Most web building and designing companies nowadays offer search engine optimization in their services.

Once a site has been submitted to search engines for search engine optimization, the search engines send out crawlers which browse, 'spider', and index the contents, so that they can classify and organize the data as per their indexing policy. Most search engines offer this service for free, but some also offer it as a paid service.

Business related links, a clear and precise name tag strategy, and submission of the appropriate page for crawling and indexing are good strategies to implement when submitting a marketing website for search engine optimization. Good page copy with related keywords is also important.

Sales Pages of a Marketing Website

The sales pages of any website usually present what a company has to offer in its services, and how it proposes to achieve its aims.

A marketing website would typically present its services on its sales pages. Services can vary greatly, though a few basics will be covered everywhere. It also depends in which sector the marketing is taking place, and also what product or service the marketing is targeting. A sales page can make or break a company, and if it has popularity and success, it can breathe new life into the whole setup.

Many times, the sales pages are the ones a potential customer would be tempted to look at once he has located the company or product he is looking for. Consequently, the more accurate, detailed, yet concise information the sales pages provide would work to the company's advantage. Working possibly as the first impression link for the company, a sales page thus has to reflect the overall identity of the company, its culture and its policy.

The sales letter should offer a rather detailed idea of the services or product offerings. Furthermore, the contact details of the company should be present for easy referral. Contact telephone numbers should be prominently placed on the page, and other contact addresses, be it for snail mail or email, should also be supplied. If a consumer support or help line is available, this number should take precedence on all the other contact information. Response delay to a query should be included, and it is a good idea to offer a link to a FAQs page here.

Consistency in the format of the pages of the website has to be achieved. A template or overall pattern which flows between the pages, as well as easy access and navigation possibilities, further enhance a sales page. The use of graphics can be a tremendous asset to this page, and concise text is a must.

Well-loaded sales letter can also boost the website's rankings and presence on search engine result pages. Recently, search engines have been making more and more use of these pages to determine if a site is worthy of being listed or not. Accurate and meaningful sales pages can thus hold the 'foundation' of the website's success.