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The help plan is also known as gift plan or money order plan or donation plan in MLM industry. Helping plans are running different International MLM organizations and their MLM networkers, MLM pioneers and probably the organization which dealing with all the transactions, gaining the big money in very short period of time. The MLM conation plan is the latest version of multi level marketing or network marketing and numerous individuals are interested on joining this MLM plan to get the higher returns and also the simplicity of the plan. This an easy approach to get wealth.

Fundamentally, this help or gift is an idea of give single and got many i.e. if you give a single gift to a network member; you got various gifts from others. MLM Gift/MLM Donation/MLM Help Plan Software only valid in some countries and some other countries government consider this plan as a crime of money laundering.

The MLM Gift/MLM Donation Plan is the brand new version of network marketing or multi-level marketing & many people are interested in joining the MLM Gift/MLM Donation Plan because of the simplicity of the plan and the chance of getting higher returns. This simple way to gain wealth.


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About MLM Donation/Gift/Help Plan Software


Now we know that MLM Gift/MLM Donation/MLM Help Plan Software popular from different names we can call it as gift plan or donation plan etc. MLM Gift/ MLM Donation /MLM Help Plan Software variety of money gifting. Here a man gets the advantage by donating or Gifting to others. Basically this is a type of “give and take” method. Its Basic idea is to send gift to one member and receive gift from different members. So member person will be profited with various gifts from numerous members. Individuals will deposit gift or money directly to another member according to the name highlighted by the system.

MLM Gift/MLM Donation/MLM Help Plan Software is very popular and attractive due to its features. If you give 1 then you receive multiple. Organization / Admin will take some charge to run this operation for regulatory costly. Organization can distribute some sum from the registration / activation charges. MLM Gift/MLM Donation/MLM Help Plan Software can be of many levels. Such kind of Plan is not allowed according to Indian law. Many net labourers from India also get included in such donation plan of outside nations and gaining great.

All the MLM plans have unique features and advantages to attract people towards joining. In same manner there are many advantages of using Help plan MLM software. Let’s have a look on these advantages:

  • The ability of choosing how to receive your money, on daily or longer time.
  • The self-governance over your money through Alert Pay, Solid Trust Pay or PayPal.
  • Different fiscal requirements and much lower time needs.
  • Members will probably use the services on regular premises, even after the starting flush of achievement has blurred.
  • Donation plans with low purchase will catch more people.

In MLM or Network marketing, a "Gift Plan" is also referred as "Donation Plan" or "Money Order Plan". MLM Gift/MLM Donation/MLM Help Plan Software is actually not considered as MLM plan, rather it is a scheme in which you can send a gift to one member and receive from other members. So this sending and accepting of gifts develop a special bond among the members and surplus to this, these members bag gift along with financial benefits.

Members pledge gift or money to another member as per the name picked by the admin. Thus, admin takes charge to run this action for administrative expenses. Company/admin can dispense some money from the registration charges. MLM Gift/MLM Donation/MLM  Help Plan Software can be extended to various levels.



Possibilities of Donation/ Helping Plan MLM software

This MLM Software will function like a gift or help supervisor who know every little thing about MLM Gift/MLM Donation/MLM Help Plan Software. With the assistance of the software, you can contact different members for participation. You need to set all gift or donation providing situations just once and then the software will oversee it as indicated by your suggestions, which will save your time and you can totally submerge with different parts of your business.


How MLM Gift/Donation / Help Plan Work?


MLM Gift/MLM Donation/MLM Help Plan Software is also known as Donation Plan or help plan. MLM Gift/MLM Donation/MLM Help Plan Software is a variation of cash gifting. Here a person gets the advantage by Gifting or Donating to others. Simply this is a typo of “give and take” concept.

MLM Gift/MLM Donation/MLM Help Plan Software is also known as cash order plan. Actually this is not a multi level marketing concept. The basic concept is to send gift to one member and receive multiple gifts from many other members. So each member will be benefited with multiple gift receipts from other members. Members will deposit or gift directly to other members as the system shows. The company can charge an amount for the managerial expenses and for the registration charges. MLM Gift/MLM Donation/MLM Help Plan Software can be of many levels.

Advantages of MLM Gift/Donation Plan over other plans


  • The ability of deciding how to receive your money, daily, weekly, monthly or longer.
  • The autonomy over your money through PayPal, Alert Pay or Solid Trust Pay.
  • Much lower time requirements and differing fiscal requirements.
  • People are more likely to use the services on a regular basis, even after the initial flush of success has faded.
  • Gifting plans with low buy will attract more people.

This MLM Software will work like a gift manager who knows everything about this plan. With the help of the software, you can contact several members for participation. You have to set all gift providing scenarios only once & then the software will manage it according to your recommendations, which will save your time and you can completely immerse with other aspects of your business.

Gift Plan/ Help Plan/ Donation Plan


MLM gift Plan stands as the Y Gen concept in the MLM industry. Also known as help plan or the donation plan, this is basically a money order plan.

These plans are mainly operated by different International companies along with the MLM networkers and the MLM leaders of these companies. Undoubtedly; companies that manage all these transactions can earn huge amount of profit within a short time span.

The main concept of the gift plan or help plan or the donation plan is to offer single and to get multiple in return. As an example, in case you offer a certain gift to any networker, you will get numerous gifts from others. Though this type of plan is allowed in numerous countries, but it is illegal in India due to the money laundering feature.

The main features of this mlm compensation plans are:

  • Gift master
  • Gift planning master
  • Received gift master
  • Sent gift master
  • Details of the received gift
  • Details of the sent gift
  • Details of the due gift


About MLM gift plan software and solutions


We develop customized mlm software plans to help the MLM industry. We have designed this gift plan for those MLM companies that offer the legal consent in the individual country.

The MLM Gift plan software solution that we offer, works just like a gift manager, who is well aware of each and every step of this MLM compensation plan. As a result, there is no need of keeping in mind the complex conditions associated with the procedure of gift sending. The software will track all the things by itself.

Besides, with the help of this software solution, the MLM companies can contact with a number of members for the participation. Here the companies have to set all the scenarios of gift providing just once and then the software would manage it as per the recommendation of individual companies. This thing will save the time of the companies and as a result, they will be able to immerse completely with the other aspects of the business.


Here are the benefits that you can get by selecting our MLM Gift plan:

Our services are rendered by the team of the experts, who specialize in software development

With the experience and the competence that we have, we are capable of delivering wonderful services and products to each of our clients

We have a complete range of client programming skills that include the most effective and the latest technologies of software development

Each of the MLM compensation plans that we offer are completely customized to meet with the exact requirements of the businesses.

Our creativity, far sighted researches and the capability to execute well devised tactics can take care of the different requirements of the MLM plan.

Yes; we are capable of developing and designing the best in class gift plan/help plan for the leading MLM companies with some amazing features that help in the manual or auto settings, transaction reports and in the receipt uploading feature and so on.


The system of gift MLM plan can be managed through the software developed for the purpose.

The software avails magical solutions to manage the gift or exchange of money and registration charges in a user-friendly way.

Other processes of the scheme can be managed additionally with the software.


Important points to remember about the MLM Gift Plan:

  • This new and exciting plan is also labelled as Donation, Money order, and Helping plan; all prove its interesting character.
  • MLM Gift/MLM Donation/MLMHelp Plan Software starts with a member making a donation or giving a gift and becoming eligible to receive multiple donations or gifts.
  • Conceptualized from a basic give and take strategy, the working seems simple and exciting for new members.
  • The software for this plan acts as gift manager and also makes possible the perfect member management.
  • Gifts become the perfect element to attract members and always keep them interested in this plan.
  • A fair gift manager is critical in keeping this plan functioning properly without any issues, and software does the needful with its intelligent features and working procedure.
  • Cash donations act as useful incentives for members in need of urgent money, with multiple payment modes the plan satisfies the current trends and proves resourceful.
  • This plan is witnessing high-interest from people because of the good chances of earning a return, people find it exciting and simple to follow.
  • MLM Gift/ MLM Donation/ MLM Help Plan Software is free to work in multiple levels depending on the changes and modifications made by a specific MLM firm


Needless to say that multilevel marketing (MLM) software is the best emerging solution to generate the higher revenues for the marketing firms. MLM Gift/MLM Donation/MLM Help Plan Software is specifically designed to capture the market needs. Multi level marketing product basically comprises three plans Binary Plan, Matrix Plan and Board Plan. With the passing days, number of modification is taking place continuously in the MLM software. As the interest of the sellers or consumers is increasing day by day in MLM, several IT companies have started implementing the new plans to attract more clients or users.

One of the latest plan in MLM is ''Gift Plan''. It is the brand new version of multilevel marketing. Most of the users are eagerly waiting to join this brand new MLM plan to earn more and more commission. It has been stated that it is getting more popular because of its simplicity and the chance of getting higher payouts. This is the most simple way to obtain the revenue in the marketing field. Now, let's see how it works?

MLM Gift/MLM Donation/MLM Help Plan Software is getting popular with the name of help plan / Donation Plan / Gift plan. It is based on the concept of cash gifting. Here, a consumer will get the benefit by donating or gifting the other that means follows the concept of ''give and take''. Here, the purpose to earn the commission is to send the gift to one member and receive multiple gifts from many other members. Then each member will be benefited with several gift receipts from other members. As the system shows, members can directly deposit or gift to other members. According to the terms and condition, the company charge the amount for the registration and managerial expenses.


Benefits of MLM gift / donation plan over other plans


Very less time requirements as well as fiscal requirements

You can pre calculate or you have the ability of deciding how to receive your money either on daily basis, weekly or monthly basis

It will attract the more users as it has low purchase

People wish to earn the profit on the daily basis and this is the plan which fulfils the wish of users.

In MLM Gift/MLM Donation/MLM Help Plan Software, there is no need to remember complex conditions of gift sending process, as it tracks all things by own.

With the help of this software, you can contact several members for participation. You have to follow all gift providing conditions only once & then the software will manage it according to your recommendations. Which will save your time and you can completely immerse with other activities of your business.


How To Choose The Best MLM Software?


If you are part of a multilevel marketing company, you must need the best MLM software to keep your head up in MLM field. Especially, if you are new to MLM Business; it is highly recommended to adapt the current trend in network marketing before purchasing a MLM software.

And of course, it is a challenging task to select the appropriate MLM software for your investment plan that meets your organization needs. Do not choose a MLM software blindly without inquiring its full features. There are few tips you need to know before buying a MLM software, they include;

  1. Foresee The Challenges

Make sure that you know all possible loop holes where your MLM software can win. Make a list of tasks that you  need your MLM software to do. In other way, list down your expectations from the software you are going to buy. Give priority to the things you “need” than what you “want”. It’s because, the things what you “need” is more vital for you to survive.

  1. Calculate your Budget

You know well about how much you can afford to spend for a MLM software (including implementation and support). Apart from the software cost, you must plan a budget for software updates and other maintenance services.

  1. Search for the Best

Currently there are several MLM plans such as Binary, Matrix, Hybrid, Spill-Over Binary, Australian Binary, Forced Matrix, Uni-Level, Generation Plan, Party Plan and more. From that list, choose the best one that will work for your company environment and your budget. In case of newcomers, you should approach fellow business people or friends who have followed the same plan or strategy before.

  1. Filter What Your Search Engine Says

It’s pretty sure, you must have searched “MLM Software” in your search bar before reading this blog (or maybe after reading this, you will hit search for the same keyword). So what are the results you have got? List of some cool websites offering numerous MLM Software’s right?. Just before visiting those websites, just check if the title and Meta description they have given are what you needed (open and explore as many links as your time permits). After exploring the website, find the pages listing their software’s and e-mail them your inquiry. Prefer telephonic or Skype chat/conversations, that can be more healthier.

  1. Use and Evaluate the Free Demo of the MLM Software

Use the Free demo version of the MLM software that you are planning to buy. Evaluate its features, make sure that this software is the best for you. (note: demo version comes with an expiry date, so it is highly recommended to contact the company as soon as possible once you are satisfied with the demo)

  1. Evaluate The Features Of The Selected Software

Once you have selected the best MLM software for your company, analyse and evaluate its features. List of features you need to ensure are,

  • Supports Multi Language & Currency.
  • Supports Website Replication.
  • Backup System.
  • Secure Payment/Transaction Processes.
  • Built With The Latest Technology.
  • Integrated With E-commerce Shopping Cart.
  • E-mail, E-pin, E-Wallet, SMS Integration.
  • No Delay in Customer Support.
  • Updating /Customizing Options.


  1. Read the Product Review

So now you have selected the best MLM Software for your company. You might have satisfied with its features. But there’s one more thing you need to ensure; the products live performance. The only way you can do this is by searching online the product review of that particular software you are planning to buy. Just type this search bar, “product name”<space>review.

Here’s an example; Google search result for Infinite MLM Software Review


  1. Fix the Deal

Once, you have found the perfect MLM software which satisfies your requirements (only after trying demo), send an e-mail to the software company stating that you are interested to buy their software with your custom features. Highlight the features and mention more about the MLM plan which you want to customize in the e-mail. It is much better to attach a .doc or .pdf file in which you can list down your requirements rather than sending a lengthly e-mail. Altogether, these tips can be followed as the best practice for choosing a Best MLM Software

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