Binary compensation plans are popular because it makes the most money for the company. That’s because even though it sounds really good that you are getting spillover from your up-line, you cannot really make any money from those people until you have a certain amount of volume on your smaller leg (the one that your build yourself) to balance the amount of volume that you have on your “giant” or “elephant” or “runaway” leg. Some might think they can just focus on building their smaller leg, but the requirements of binaries are such that you MUST have active recruits on BOTH your right and left legs. And since you never know who is going to be active and/or serious in building their teams, you tend to end up putting some good builder in you big leg as well.
Sometimes, you have a strong and very active sponsor who say they are going to put you at the top of this humongous leg, and that will benefit you If you can build your smaller leg quickly to be able to “balance” and benefit from it. That’s fine for you. But how about the people you sponsor and those whom They sponsor? Everyone has a left and a right leg. So, if you do a lot of recruiting, that is fine for the people you sponsor PERSONALLY, but if those people don’t do much recruiting, the folks on your second level will not have a strong leg to lean on, which means they have to build Both legs themselves!

One of the huge advantages of TPS is we have two Forced Matrices! The biggest difference about a Forced Matrix is that we are being paid on all the members that spillover into our organization. It doesn’t matter which leg, nor which position in the matrix they occupy. Our Team 2 x 25 Forced matrix has a total of 67 MILLION spots! That means you can potentially get paid on 67 million people! Of course it will take time for the matrix to get filled up (and it probably will never fill up completely), but the good news is you don’t have to wait to get paid. You can get paid on all of the members in your matrix whether it’s 10 people, 1000 people or a million people or more who are in it.

The Unilevel Compensation Plan is a plan with unlimited width. When I say that, realize that every single person that you introduce to the club will be on your first level.
Due to the fact that everybody you sponsor is on your front-line (first level), there is no spillover.

Most compensation plans pay you a percentage of your down-line up to a certain level. Usually, this level is between 5 and 10.
A Unilevel compensation plan pays down to the 5th level. For example:
• On the 1st level, you may get 35% of the volume of what your direct down-line brings in.
• You may get 25% of what your second level brings in.
• You may get 20% of what your third level brings in
• Then get 15% of what you're fourth level brings in
• Then get 10% of what you're fifth level brings in..