USSD service helps enterprises reduce their cost of messaging by leveraging on USSD technology without increasing the complexity of their messaging solution. All messages are submitted to our platform according to SMS standards through SMPP/SMPPS or HTTP/HTTPS interfaces, removing the need for USSD-specific integration. Our service makes USSD messaging just as easy as SMS messaging.Virtually all mobile handsets and a vast majority of the mobile networks worldwide support USSD messages. With an appearance identical to Flash SMS, USSD Flash messages appear at the very front of the screen on any device. Since USSD Flash messages are not saved in any inbox, this service is especially suitable for applications such as one-time passwords, alerts and reminders.

USSD is a short message protocol for transmitting multiple text messages back and forth between a mobile phone and a service application using a cellular network.

A USSD session is initiated from a mobile phone first when a code starting with a * and ending with a # is entered and supported by ALL mobile phones.

USSD offers companies a convenient and accessible mobile channel for enabling customer care services as well as supporting marketing and sales initiatives on mobile.

For mobile users it’s a low cost method of easily accessing services from their phones, particularly if they don’t have Internet enabled devices.

Examples of USSD applications are mini statements, account enquiries, order tracking requests and airtime purchases.

Grapevine provides customised USSD application development, helping companies to leverage USSD as an accessible, easy-to-operate mobile communication and service channel.

EXAMPLE OF USSD CODE WE HAVE IMPLEMENTED: *120*1116# FOR THE COMPANY:, website designed by Daniel Web-Builders and Marketing cc, contact Us now