About Us

Daniel Web-Builders and Marketing is a group of experienced Web designers in South Africa. The company offers the following services since 2008:

  1. Web Designing - CMS Websites
  2. Social Media campaign
  3. Advertisement Publishing
  4. Search Engine optimization - SEO
  5. Software development and customization
  6. Multi Level Marketing Website -  MLM Software 
  7. Client Resource Management Website
  8. Web Hosting - Hosting Plans
  9. Gif Banner Design
  10. Flash Banner Design
  11. Online Videos
  12. Email Marketing Campaigns
  13. Google Ad words.
  14. Web Design and Graphic Courses
  15. Computer Literacy Courses
  16. Software / API implementation ( USSD API, Airtime API... )
  17. E-learning program
  18. Mobile Application
  19. Hospital Management System
  20. Web Services with SOAP

Click on the necessary links to order:   Hosting Plan    Web Design     Marketing your website      Search Engine Optimization

Web Design Courses   Domain Registration

By clicking here you can find some of our estimated prices related to web design.  Do you need church websites?


 web design coursesFor more details about our prices, please, visit http://prowebdesigns.co.za/billing/cart.php

All we commonly know is that people value the first impression in Web Design that means the look of the site. We also focus on the Search Engine requirements to improve the ranking of each and every website we design for our clients.  We do not hesitate to give you our testimonial of our clients and those who were able to maintain their websites after a successful training session.

vimax ThemeClick here to see a few list of recent clients

Also, we would like to introduce our official websites  which are as follows:

1- www.danielwebbuilders.com

Here you can get all information about our company and services which we offer to Small and Medium size businesses.

2- www.websitesoptimization.co.za

Search engine and optimization, that is the process of creating the visibility of a quality website in a search engine, the more the website is visible the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.

3- http://optimizemysites.com/

Keyword landing page for search engine optimization. We can do the same for your business


Visit our Search Engine Optimization Tools. Many of our clients utilize this machine for the ranking of their websites


Here you can get professionally Templates and Themes created by us. That’s where you can see the layout to design your website, we can also create a special Template or Theme having your copyright

6-http://www.prowebdesigns.co.za/ or http://www.prowebdesigns.co.za/billing

This website hosts all our registered clients. It is a Client Resource Management Platform, with automation systems: quotation, invoices, orders, reminders, ...


This is an E-learning website. Visit this website and learn different categories of web design courses we render for our clients


This is a chat platform for our clients. We use it to communicate or support our clients online. Some of our clients ( owner of website )  also use it for their clients.


Now you can create your own Mobile App with Daniel Web-Builders and Marketing cc, built in tutorial made easy
Convert your website into a Mobile App and sell on Google Play Store. You can do that in 5 hours.
After creation, we publish your App for free under your Google Play Store Account, or do it yourself. Read more mobile application

How much do we charge?

Please, click on the following links

For web hosting service

For Web Design

Top MLM Software - Level 3

MLM Software - Level 1 from R5000

Donation MLM Websites

MLM Gambling Websites

Booking Websites for hotels

Mobile Applications from R500 per Month

Community -Profile Marketing Website


>>>>We contribute to the promotion of businesses through online marketing services
>>>>We train young people to become Web Designers and contribute to the strategies of Self- Employment

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